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Now fan service generally refers to a throwaway shot or two of cleavage, undergarments, or brief nudity that has little to do with the actual program except to give the male viewers in the audience a bit of excitement. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I doubt it, but that won't stop her. Filled with smart writeups from great friends, this is where I go for anime reviews. However, knowledgeable fans also remember that Project A-Ko was originally intended to be an adult title before it went into development and in its rewrites became instead a hysterical satire of all things anime.

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With regards to the audio, he thought the Japanese cast did a much better job with the material than the English cast, writing that the latter was "particularly bland and it didn't maintain the necessary spark for this kind of show.

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In reviewing the first volume, Chris Beveridge on Mania. Anime News Network There's still not a better English-language anime news site on the web. Go visit them and pick up a copy of Bunny Drop.

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