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He was so turned on he was surprised he hadn't already creamed in his underwear by now. Cody pressed down gently on the top of Anne's head and jiggled his hips slightly so that his cock rubbed against the side of her face. Here he was, at one of his parents' drunken parties, dancing with Anne, the gorgeous, busty blonde from next door, feeling her up on the dance floor, her big tit in one hand, her beautiful ass in the other. He could smell the alcohol on her breath, she was even more drunk than he had thought and he felt a little guilty for the enjoyment he was getting from the sensations of her body writhing against him. Despite the party atmosphere Cody wasn't having a good time, he so wished he could be with his friends in San Fransisco, instead of stuck here with a crowd of old people he'd either never met or barely knew.

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But it was not his head he was thinking with, the throbbing hardness that was now pressed firmly against Anne's sleek thigh was guiding him.

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My Mom's Drunk Friend

He was distinctly aware of her soft cheek resting against the hard swelling that filled the crotch of his jeans. A woman, in her late fifties Cody would guess, yanked the man away from Anne and slapped him hard across the face, apparently the man was married. His hand then moved over the side of her full breast, feeling the swell of soft flesh the jutted out from where her tit was squashed up against his chest.

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