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This pact they had made to each other, would have seemed nonsense to her not all that long ago. She smiled warmly in return, but found herself tongue-tied again. Nothing about their desires for her felt right. She closed her eyes taking a deep breath in, smelling the lemon oil which must have recently been applied to the furniture in the room. She knew she needed to break their hold and find her own voice. Suddenly he reached out, a flash of hunger went through his eyes, and he grabbed me pulling me toward him for deeply passionate kiss.

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Marina. Age: 31.
tumblr female submission

He had a box for each night he was gone to help her over the idea that he was not there.

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Mya. Age: 31.
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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But even in her wildest imaginings she could not have conjured up such a magnificent specimen of a man, let alone a Dom, What ever had just happened to her was not just chemistry it was something more. He promised her a spanking when he got home it was a good natured promise, Not as if he were upset at all, but instead was seeing her humor and enjoying it. Reblogged from: newlifeahead.

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