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My employers kindly provided me with accommodation for my stay in the form of a hotel close to a bar and the surrounding cornfields. I jerked off again, slowly at first, then fast in every position I could think of, upside down like a gymnast, slipping my finger up my ass then spread-eagled jerking furiously with both hands. It was now complete daylight and there were a lot more cars about now. Now in clear view of anyone who might already be awake and going to work, school or just looking out their window at that moment, I sprinted the full or so meters back to the grassy knoll where I stopped, panting heavily and nursing a stitch. This one was denser than the previous so I was more cautious passing.

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When I finally got back to my room and checked the time, it was

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Thankfully nobody had noticed me and nothing became of it as I left 2 days later, never to return again. I went about another mile up the highway, occasionally ducking into the trees for cover as cars passed. The final hurdle was the 10 or so feet of open area between the cornfield and the dumpster where my clothes were.

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