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Subjected to dreadful treatment by both owners and customers, most of them contracted venereal diseases and were physically and mentally broken within a few years. The Chinese men who immigrated to California during the Gold Rush did not intend to stay: They planned to make their fortune and return home. After being shipped to San Francisco, these young women and girls were taken to a barracoon — a temporary holding pen — on St. It is one of the darkest chapters in San Francisco history. Hirata notes that Chinese men believed that the most degrading thing a Chinese woman could do was have sex with a white man. Procurers working for brothel owners in San Francisco scoured the Chinese countryside for young women, whom they kidnapped, lured, or purchased and shipped to San Francisco. Photos of the Month: The Chronicle's top images from January.

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That story will be the subject of the next Portals.

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Because girls were considered inferior to boys, and could not carry on the ancestral line, families were willing to sell them, mortgage them, or simply kill them if economic circumstances dictated. Little girls were also purchased and used as household slaves until old enough to become prostitutes or concubines. Others ended up in higher-class brothels reserved for Chinese men, where they also received somewhat better treatment.

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