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I also felt a sense of abandonment and wished someone had just stayed with me at the base as this likely would never have happened had I not been left there alone. It should also be noted that this affidavit is involved in the class-action lawsuit she was engaged in against WWE. I am also very friendly and personable by nature so I developed a strong rapport with the many veterans and active service members that I encountered in my work with the WWE. Rios then informed Vince, who informed Kevin Dunn, John Laurinaitis, and several other company executives or lawyers that I had never even met but were all present at a meeting that I was called into shortly after. Gary Hart was also in attendance in a supervisory role.

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While en route to the next destination, I told Jimmy, Ron, Maria that I did not want them to tell anyone else was had happened.

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The Reason Why WWE Star Ashley Massaro Wanted To Donate Her Brain After Death

After I returned to the US, Dr. But again, I felt so defeated at that point that it seemed pointless to protest. Her account of the events is very hard to read so please beware that this is extremely sensitive and mature content.

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