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It harkens back to the time of our ancestors, when toilets didn't exist and everyone had to squat to go to the bathroom. Instead, says Ganjhu, it's more like your digestive tract never grew up. But what about the way you go 2—how long it takes, how often you go, how you sit on the toilet Pimple Popper Repairs Torn Earlobe. Schnoll-Sussman says that it could be as simple as your diet eat some sketchy meat recently? For some people, that reflex never goes away.

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Stop us if this sounds familiar: You're on a family vacation, enjoying relaxing days on the beach with sun and sand, but there's just one problem—you haven't pooped for days.

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One study estimated that 40 percent of people experience vacation constipation , although both Schnoll-Sussman and Ganjhu say it's impossible to know the real number. And contracting bowels means more bowel movements. Pimple Popper Repairs Torn Earlobe. Meanwhile, you're probably eating tons of possibly fried and fatty foods that you normally don't eat.

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