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It's a tight squeeze in the aisles where Elite Flower workers harvest the roses. It all starts with cutting the stems at exactly the right length, which differs for each breed of flowers. Here's the process of bringing million roses from the Colombian savanna to your local florist — and why the system works the way it does:. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Finally rolled, trimmed, dethorned, these flowers are ready to go.

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rose backroom casting couch

Once the flowers arrive via chute and sans thorns, they're cut to the necessary length and carefully lined up on a sheet of plastic

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Then, the roses are moved to UPS' massive Worldport facility in Louisville, where up to planes can be parked at one time. While I was taking pictures, I had to be conscious of thorn-studded stems and protruding leaves. The rolled-up flowers are placed into a box. Customs and Border Protection meticulously groom the imports for invasive bugs or species.

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