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With your two paintings of Gwen - the one on her own and one with Jumanji - the use of colour is very different. I know it's done when it feels like it's breathing. Sometimes you're going through the tunnel and then you become part of the tunnel itself. It felt kind of ambiguous; it's like she's blowing a kiss but she's also confrontational because she's looking you in the eye. And that age group is predominantly female - women to every 85 men. Do you feel like you have to know the journey a woman has been on before you can paint her? Painters have always talked about women's softness, their luminous quality, and used that to explain why there are so many more female nudes than male nudes in art.

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That's where I find the beauty in people.

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There's something about that bright yellow; it's like daffodils, or maybe a cornfield, or a mustard field. You can understand a lot about how a culture sees its people through the art it makes. I don't do small studies because I'm really impatient.

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