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With a rich comic culture of their own, countries like France, Germany, Spain, Netherlands and Italy have been relatively open to outside cultural influences. The influence of manga on the comics market has increased significantly in the last two decades, but it had also had an aesthetic effect on comic artists around the globe. When manga first reached non-Asian markets, it had a reputation of vulgarity, violence, and bad drawing. It used to be a top-seller in the period when it was being published between and Comics like Naruto or Dragon Ball became an instant hit with teenagers and kids. Case Closed in an ongoing Japanese detective manga series written and illustrated by Gosho Aoyama. The manga consists of short, self-contained stories that are typically about 20 pages long.

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It used to be a top-seller in the period when it was being published between and

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In , the publisher Tokyopop started publishing the genre in book format, advertising it as authentic manga. The main character presents himself as a medical mercenary, selling his skills to whoever will pay his price, while his odd appearance comes from a childhood incident, in which both he and his mother were injured in an explosion. Among the first and to date most successful manga artists, there were Osamu Tezuka [3] , who created the famous Astro Boy , as well as Machiko Hasegawa , with his Sazae-san.

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