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Hannah has adjusted to her toys being mutilated by Sid. In the opening scenes of the first and third films, he is described by Andy as the outlaw One-Eyed Bart. Bullseye returns in Toy Story 3 as one of the remaining toys in Andy's room. She appears in a mid-credits scene , in which she is introduced by Jessie after Bonnie's first day in first grade. This causes Sid to panic and run back into his house screaming, and then to his room when his sister scares him with her new toy doll, Sally. Chuckles held onto a tag bearing Daisy's name that was once worn by Big Baby.

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Pricklepants also return in the television specials.

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Main article: Buzz Lightyear. Hamm is a wisecracking realist piggy bank with a cork in his belly in place of a stopper. Slinky reappears in the short film Hawaiian Vacation , in which he acts as a hotel porter as part of Ken and Barbie 's Hawaiian adventures. With no person to give them a voice, these silent toys patrol the antique store with a looming quietness that is inherently unsettling.

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