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So, yea this is fun, order it, pay huge for it, wait and fume to the fact that they neither send your product nor respond to any emails. So for my experience as a first time buyer yes the wait is long and dreadful. This company has not been able to adapt its business to the demand. If you want to have your very own dildo with a customize cream-tube and your very own custom made color patterns, Then the chances are that you will be waiting for about 3 and half mouth just for your dildo to be delivered. I can understand them being swamped, but why can't they give some kind of notice before a purchase?

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Mae. Age: 22.
bad dragon tubes

BD should not make sex toys, instead they should be in the sex trade industry, because clearly they like to screw people.

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Is Bad Dragon Discontinuing Their Cum Tubes?

They have great service and their wait times are always updated and they don't treat their customers in this apalling fashion. I ordered mine Oct 20th or so I ordered mine Oct 20th or so. It's all lies and they don't think people will do anything about it because we'll be embarrassed to tell our bankers what we have ordered. Edit: Shipped just a few days shy of 4 months.

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