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Featuring graphic sex scenes with a twist, The Affair shows both the male and female perspectives of love affairs, often resulting in the same sex scene being portrayed in two radically different ways. Now, it almost feels as though TV shows are competing with each other to see who can push the boundaries of sexual decency the farthest. There's belt whipping and ass biting and it's totally insane, but my God , guys — it's also totally hot. Runner-up hottest sex scene goes to the episode when Fiona and her cop friend, Tony, steam up the inside of his cop car. Basically a hot, televisual orgy of supernatural, beautiful beings with wonderfully fluid sexualities, True Blood was wildly sexy and so graphic that it was practically a cartoon.

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Anika. Age: 27.
weeds sex scenes

As a result, though everyone enjoyed their fair share of sweet lovin', it often felt as though barely an episode went by without the viewer being treated to Jax Teller's bare butt bouncing up and down atop a supremely sexy lady who sometimes wasn't his poor wife.

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Laurel. Age: 25.
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New in Entertainment View article. The latter might not have been as graphic as some, but it was definitely hot. Most graphic sex scene: An MMF threesome featuring Hank, his friend Charlie and a woman they meet at the gym is, shall we say, pretty bold.

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