Kokoro school days

kokoro school days
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She can be in a relationship with Makoto. She frequently teases Kotonoha about having a boyfriend and immediately demands to meet him. Her role is greatly expanded in Summer Days, and futher still in Shiny Days. Kokoro hugging Makoto when she meets him for the first time. Unlike her older sister, she's far more social and outgoing and she worries greatly that Kotonoha has no social life. Despite being very young, her knowledge of intimacy far outclasses her older sister's and she feels sorry for Makoto when she learns he and Kotonoha aren't doing anything indecent.

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Her role is greatly expanded in Summer Days, and futher still in Shiny Days.

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Kokoro Katsura

When the protagonist threatens her that he rapes Kotonoha's daughter which she has with Makoto in this continuity if she won't obey him, Kokoro breaks completely and submissively leaves the protagonist to do whatever he wants with her. It was never stated what happened to her, or how she reacted, to the death of her sister in the endings, however in the manga she found her sister dead and called Makoto while panicking with the fact that she can't save her sister. She is delighted at discovering her sister has a boyfriend and is unaware of the problems their relationship faces. Katsura father Manami Katsura mother Kotonoha Katsura sister.

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