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I agree with IBTP that if my football playing son gave me this story I'd kick his ass, and with oldwolf that morotboatjones is a douche. Doesn't make it right, but if the knife never comes out, and the robbery never happens, I'm guessing the player s would've been fine with everything that took place and was taking place. MotorboatJones wrote: ches wrote: MotorboatJones wrote: What if she did it while he was tied up Good lord, I really wish you could conceive of momma roland, or little roland jr. I mean, did they use one of their boobs as a gag or something?

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basketball players naked

And then, during the commission of said robbery, one of the robbers decided to do something sexual to them.

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We aint ever living this one down. I'm not sure I'm mentally prepared for the possibility that these 3 big football players, at a. Make one of them stuff sausage in his buddies mouth as a gag?

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