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Mummies quickly deteriorate in moisture, rotting much faster, often falling apart. To make up for the pale discolored skin, embalmers will usually use red pigments and other cosmetics on the cheeks to make them looks blushed and alive again, but due to the change of the skin color over time, the fake pink cheeks become apparent after a few hours after they were originally applied. Toriel shut the ruins off, buried Chara in the spot they fell down on, and planted a golden flower bed with the seeds that had been stuck to their body when they were laid down on the flower bed in their home village. Perhaps Asgore did not water the garden while depressed and the seed did not germinate for a year. The thin parts of the jaw, shortness of snout, blunt rounded jaw muscle anchors, and width to length ratio mean it is likely not a grey wolf, the African hunting dog has a skull that fits the most criteria. I wrote a lot about this in one of my previous posts on monster souls and human souls.

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Rivka. Age: 23.
undertail gif

Toriel carried the body throughout all of the underworld, through the heat of Hotland, through the rain and fungi of Waterfall, through the freezing cold of Snowdin, back to the ruins, back to where Chara first fell down.

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We find the dry seeds in the drawer in old home in the ruins. Chara from that point on is a soulless bodiless irredeemable manifestation of hatred and lust for power and destruction, reviewed by our LOVE. The gas escaping from the mouth and the rupturing of internal organ membranes could result in sounds and the mouth appearing to move and shudder from the sudden pressure released ,which made many believe that they were laughing and not truly dead.

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