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tumblr hispanic
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In July , Hispanic visitors to Tumblr skyrocketed to 1. I will be keeping my eye on Tumblr to see who takes advantage of this opportunity. Subscribe to Marketing Insider. In the past 12 months, Tumblr's total U. Username Password Remember me Forgot your password? Comment Next story loading.

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Hallie. Age: 24.
tumblr hispanic

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Brooklynn. Age: 30.
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17 Tumblr Posts About Spanish That Are Really Fucking Funny

Here is a quick comparison of Tumblr's Hispanic users compared to Hispanic online market in general. Tumblr has grown exponentially among Hispanics and now represents a platform Hispanics online marketers should seriously consider. Through Tumblr's intuitive "liking" and "re-blogging" features, users share photos, videos or articles with their followers, who then amplify the content by re-blogging it to their networks. They humorously flaunt past actions that force unraveling secrets to liberate them from the cycle of rebirth or bring them back again, depending on which of the two doors is chosen in the end.

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