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Your review has been posted. Darn those prickly bushes, they're a real pain in the hindquarters," she said and chuckled. There was Rarity who was present and accounted for, Pinkie Pie who looked like she was still coming off an amusement high, Fluttershy with leaves and twigs in her main from having dived into a bush and Twilight who was looking around, leaving only Although on the way maybe she'd stop and pick up one of those daffodil muffins Pinkie had said the Cakes were making today, they were always so good. If somepony had told her last week that this was going to be happening she wouldn't have believed them.

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It sounded almost like Applejack when she bucked a tree but not with the same sharp pitch of the crack.

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Rainbow Dash uneasily nodded, "ya'll ain't pullin' ma tail or nothin' is ya 'cause it sure ain't funny. When the dust settled and it was safe to look up again they all saw Rainbow Dash banged up and dazed, upside down and sitting on her head as her back rested against the trunk of the fractured tree. She moved to push herself back into a standing position but quickly fell back down as the moving of the skin on her haunches reignited the pain all over again, causing her to yelp and sending her hooves back to their original positions, "owowowow! It was only afterwards that the swats returned to their previous level of intensity, not that she was paying much attention right now.

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