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An on screen measurement of his endowment can be seen in the porn video "Lewd Conduct 3", which shows his penis to be about 9. First off, as for him being super hung: "Lexington and his agent claim that his erect penis is 11 inches. The procedure itself is the cutting of the suspensory ligament which hold the penis close to the pelvic bone and supports it when it's erect. And not only is Lex -- considered by many to have THE longest dick -- under 10 inches, but: "It is unsure what Lexington's actual penis size was prior to his enlargement. I've seen some BIG cocks out there in the real world. I doubt there were ever more than an extremely miniscule fraction of a percent of people who were ever that large in history. I always thought I was average until a lady friend told me the other day that I most definitely was above average in that department and very nice looking there as well

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Liana. Age: 28.
lexington steele dick

Furthermore, Lex is a fake.

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Rylie. Age: 23.
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Lex Steele - Not to burst anyone's bubble...

I have found that I can get all different kinds of measurments on mine depending if I measure from the top, bottom or side. I don't care if you come up with 18",,,if you can't put it all in me then your method of measurement is wrong. MrMonkey Member Posts:

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