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Come about 10pm you are thinking about getting the taxi into town, but you are a little tipsy at the moment, so the time you have called the taxi and everyone is sorted to hit the town it is now hitting 11pm but during this time you still have not stopped drinking! Now the taxis are outside, and you are already stumbling into the first pub for the biggest night out of the week, once in you all end up at the toilets together due to holding it all in while you was at your mates as they only have the one toilet for about 14 - 20 of you. I used to be little miss libido. You tell me to be careful on my way to work, to take better care of myself. That September was my 18th birthday so my friend Hannah and her boyfriend decide to surprise me with a visit. I took months and months getting over my heart-break, as dramatic as it sounds, i was a mess, I was crazily in love with that boy, and he was with me at for quite some time. Ask ask-alliee-blog a question advice advice blog advice blogs drunk drunken sex help.

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Lila. Age: 22.
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Somehow I ended up drunk anyway.

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Jolene. Age: 25.
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Earphones and an ipod would probably be very useful tonight… :. Two days later I asked him about it, but he did not remember anything. Ask kategivesadvice a question ask kate advice sex drunken sex help friendship.

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