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I suspect you're using Safari, 'cause I get that warning too, but it's only in Safari, and I just ignore it. I would like to do a non-futa version out of it Jab Forums have a comic contest going on. It seems like a five-seven pager shouldn't be too much of a problem for you. I've been a fan of your work since Antarctic's How to Draw Hentai. Was wondering if you do commission comics? Thanks to Fav me ktora, to me is a great honor since I like a lot of his paintings.

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Keep it up, hope to see more.

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Ophelia. Age: 26.
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Collidescope eyes- Kami Tora - part 2

My HD is full with your pics! A story about Samus getting fucked by space pirates. Thanks for the heads-up Anoki!

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