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Not to mention, not using enough lube will probably also hurt your partner. Any time you see blood coming out of your penis, you should get it checked out. Even if it turns out to be nothing, it's better to be safe than sorry. If you've engaged in any of these sexual activities, you should probably get tested. After a brief Google search on "penis sounding," it turns out that sticking metal rods down your pee hole might be a kink or fetish for some people.

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If none of these things help, you might want to talk to your doctor or see a sex therapist.

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21 Bad Penis Habits You Should Ditch ASAP

You can cut, bruise, or just really badly chafe your penis if you don't protect it while engaging in contact sports, games with fast-flying balls, or other intense physical activities that might involve tackling or roughhousing. Here are some common mistakes, bad habits, poor hygiene practices, and behaviors they'd suggest ditching ASAP. Here's more info on how to find free, confidential STD testing at a clinic near you. And while you should feel free to express yourself sexually, this practice can be legitimately harmful to your penis health.

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